Barking dogs

March 15th, 2009

This is bull fucking shit. My neighbors dogs have been barking for an hour and 1/2 now. It’s 11:21 pm CST. They (the neighbors) have got to be the dumbest mother fuckers on the face of this planet. These dogs have no dog house, no cover of any sort. They put them out in the rain all weekend. It was sick. I looked out my back window and could see the dogs curled up in the back yard in the mud getting rained on. What kind of fucking retard does that?

They have no right owning a dog if they are going to do this. I’m a dog lover. I’m an inside the house kind of dog owner. My dogs go outside to shit and piss. That’s it. Then they come back inside. I let them out when it’s nice outside so they can run and play in the back yard but there is no barking for hours on end. In fact – if they bark I put a stop to it or bring them back inside. It’s disrespectful to your neighbors. And it’s cruel to the animals. I wish they would just pack their shit and move the fuck out. I hate people who lease homes. They care nothing about the house, lawn, neighbors or neighborhood.

As I finish this – they are still barking. Called the police already about 45 minutes ago. Don’t think it did any good. This has gone on for well over 6 months – maybe even a year and I have tried my hardest to disregard. These people cannot be that fucking stupid to think that their dogs are not annoying the shit out of their neighbors. If I can hear them in my bedroom over my TV you know good and fuckin’ well that their dumb asses can hear them right outside their back door. Fuckin’ white trash losers. Go back to California shit for brains.

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