January 21st, 2009

Right about now that remote control that Adam Sandler uses in the movie “Click” would come in real handy.  We could just fast forward the next 4 years and possibly 8 years to a new president.  The dude just got sworn in yesterday and I’m sick of him already.  I didn’t vote for him.  I’m tired of hearing his name.  I’m tired of seeing his face.  I’m sick to death of his stuttering.  He couldn’t even speak the oath without tripping over his words.

I’m also sick of seeing people morph their photo into the red/white/blue image with their face to look like his “hope” or “change” campaign images.  I don’t for the life of me understand why people are flocking to this guy like flies to shit.  He’s not the messiah.  He’s not even Moses.  Matter of fact he cannot be compared with any figure from the Bible.

He is a liar, cheat and con artist who swindled his way into the hearts of millions and into the white house.  I don’t care if he’s orange.  He’s not qualified to run the country.  His decisions will impact us for many years and potentially cause irreparable damage.  I’m not a fan.  Never have been.  Everyone who knows me knows that.  I’ve made it crystal clear.

I like George W Bush.  I think he did the best job he could with the hand he was dealt.  It’s not entirely his fault the economy is collapsing.  It’s greedy banks and corporations that have caused this.  Has he made all the right decisions?  Hell no.  Has he made some decisions that I don’t agree with?  Absolutely.  I still think that he did an excellent job.  If he sucked so bad why did he get re-elected in 2004?  You think he went down hill in 4 years?  I think not.

If you don’t like Bush that’s fine.  Say what you will.  But when I exclaim my displeasure with Obama and my dislike for him and his agenda DO NOT CALL ME A RACIST.  I don’t have to like him.  That’s the beauty of living in this country.  I don’t have to like you either.

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