Is everyone stupid?

December 15th, 2008

Went to the bank today to make a deposit and cash a check.

Here’s how the conversation went:

teller: welcome to the bank how can I help you
me: I have two checks in there, I need one deposited and the other cashed. The one with “for deposit only” gets deposited and the other $150 check cashed please.
teller: ok, how would you like your cash?
me: a hundred, two twenties and a ten.


teller: ok, I’ll have that right out
me: thanks


carrier is sent back to me

teller: will there be anything else?
me: no ma’am
teller: thank you have a great day
me: thanks you too

So I get my envelope back, slide the cash and my license out, count out the cash. It’s $150 alright – five twenties and five tens?!?!

Did I miss something? How do you confuse “a hundred, two twenties and a ten” confused with “five twenties and five tens”?

The two sound nothing alike. So all I can assume is that in between the time I told her how I wanted my cash and the time she actually got it (which was about 37 seconds) she forgot how I wanted my cash… Which means one of the following:

a. She’s fucking deaf
b. She’s fucking dumb
c. She has the memory of a cocker spaniel
d. all of the above

You decide. Morons – they are all around us.

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