Everlasting cock knockers

December 12th, 2008

Well those douche bags responded about my hosting account.  Here you go:

If the refund was promised to you by douchebaghosters.com, I wonder why they didn’t actually process it or cancelled it….but instead of trying to figure that out, you’re blaming us. I’ve cancelled your account and closed it. We do not tolerate threats and racial remarks. Thank you.

Answer to question number one:  Because they are fucking retarded Canadians and have been shafting me for 3 years

I didn’t blame anyone – I asked why something wasn’t done that was requested 2 months ago.

We do not tolerate threats – fucking stupid cunt.

Customer service has been flushed straight down the shitter world wide.  No one knows what it means anymore.

I’ll blame whoever I please – It’s my money you cock smokers have taken and not provided a service for.

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