Web Hosting Account Debacle

December 10th, 2008

So these fucks will not refund my money and now they deny even receiving my request to cancel my account which is paid through May 2009. Fucking Canadians – I hate em. Here was there response and also my response to theirs. Get your laughing shoes on, you know the words, follow me mother fucker!!

Hi XXXX, I checked your account and there was no cancellation request received through the systems

Also, your acct is paid upto May 3rd 2009 and there are no refunds as your money was paid to douchebaghosters.com and we cannot refund.

Please advise if you will keep the service and cancel at least 2 weeks prior to the renewal date or if you would like to cancel now, confirm you’ve removed/backed up your files and I’ll process the cancellation now.

My response:


Now you see this is just complete bullshit. I asked (way back when you guys were screwing me around and I could not access the server that my sites and mail were hosted on) how I could cancel my account and request a refund. I was told to go to the site and request that it be canceled. I went through all the bullshit of saying that I downloaded all my files and that I did not need anything off of the servers (which I still cannot access because you morons cannot figure out how to unblock my IPs). I completed everything online that I was supposed to. I canceled the account well over a month ago. Possibly 2 months ago. I don’t need, don’t want, don’t care what you do with the files that are on there if there are even any at all.

I’m well aware of how far my account is paid up. I paid for 2 years in advance and am not using the two years. I was told I would get a credit back for the unused months. This was all done when it was still HostingPlex. I don’t give a rats harry ass who owns the company now so you can take your excuse for not refunding my money and shove it up your ass with a red hot fire poker.

Your customer (dis)service sucks worse than any Indian I have ever talked to.

I hope you go broke in 2009.

Merry Christmas

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