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November 29th, 2008

I rarely if ever shop on the day after Thanksgiving thanks to working in retail for 3.5 years. It sucked then and it sucks now. I hate the mall. I hate shopping. So you can imagine how I feel about the two combined on the day following Thanksgiving. I think it’s gotten way out of hand. The manufacturers fo the next “Tickle me fucking Elmo” holding out on shoppers to create the buzz on their hot item. Offering “door busters” or special discounts to entice these dumb mother fuckers to come in and spend money they don’t have on credit cards they should not be carrying.

I decided to write this in light of the person killed at a Walmart yesterday morning. This poor bastard worked for Walmart. He was there to help these people spend their money. He got trampled to death by 2000 idiots trying to get in and save a buck. It should come as no shock that this happened in New York – fucking Yankees.

It’s ridiculous that this happened. NOTHING is that important. A man died so some schmuck could save a buck on a gift that his kid just has to have. I’m sorry but IT’S FUCKING RETARDED!!

No way in hell am I ever going to stand in line. My kid will never want something bad enough for me to do that. Hate me if you want but it’s the parents fault. It’s the parents fault for letting their kids watch TV all fucking day. Play on the computer all fucking day. That’s what they see so that’s what they want. I think everyone should buy a book for their kid for Christmas. Better yet, adopt an angel. Buy some poor family a car seat or a blanket or a pair of shoes that their kid needs.

There are worse things out there than not getting the gift you want for Christmas. People in this country are starving, freezing and in some cases have no home at all. It’s greed. I know Gordon Gekko says “greed is good” but come on people. Have a heart. Do something for someone other than yourself this year.

And fuck you Walmart for allowing this to happen. Stupid bastards should have had armed security or off duty police to handle the crowd control. What were you thinking letting 2000 people stampede your store like a herd of cattle. I know exactly what you were thinking. PR, marketing and $$$

Greedy, greedy bastards. Sam Walton is probably rolling over in his grave.

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