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October 26th, 2008

I found this post on a message board about the election.  I though it was great.

Comment by Tyler Fitz 

What has happened to my country? I am astonished and saddened by the amount of people who have been fooled by Obama. Is anyone in this country keeping informed, or are they willing to be persuaded by a smooth-talking, unpatriotic, far-left, liar. Before I go out and vote, I take the responsibility of learning about what both candidates truly believe in. Have any Obama supporters read one of his books. The words that he uses to write about the United States, and the negative outlook on the American people is disheartening. The only reason why Obama has made it this is because of the ill-informed americans who call themselves Democrats. At least Hillary had experience and had an honest plan for America. Obama seems to believe the plan to solve all problems, is to tax the rich till there isn’t anymore. And whenever there’s a problem, the government will take care of it. Obama will take away almost all the rights of gun owners-a right that was so important to the founding fathers of our country that it was our second Amendment to the constitution. I am not necessary a die-hard advocate of McCain, but I can not live in a country that no longer has any meaning to me. With Obama’s tax plan, America will have the highest tax rates in the world, that is a fact-read his books. The reason the American colonists fought for the freedom of our country was because of taxation with out representation. What voice will the American people have when the government will have an unprecedented amount of control? Obama is change that I can believe in. The change that will destroy what little of a foundation this country still rests upon. He has mislead a great number of Americans and it is embarrassing to believe that we do not even know if he is truly an American citizen. If Obama becomes the next president, I will be waiting for a revolution. A revolution to take back the country and restore the freedom of the American people.

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