Gimme gimme gimme – where’s my free shit

May 19th, 2012

I understand customer complaints. I’ve worked in customer service for a long time for other businesses as well as my own. I’ve made my share of complaints against businesses when they were warranted but I’ve also received complaints from customers that were for the sole purpose of obtaining a free service or a discount.

Who fucking made the rule that just because you complain (whether it is true or not) that you get something for free? No one. That’s who. And it is my belief as well as every other sane person on the planet that you have complained just so you could try to get something for free.

My room was too cold, my therapist had hairy arms, my therapist coughed while in my session, I could hear kids next door blah blah whatever fuck you. This is life. Welcome to it. Things are not perfect. What do you want me to do tell the neighboring business to move? Close? Bound and gag the children?

Let me explain something to you fucking retarded idiots who think that you deserve something for nothing no matter where you go. A complaint is meant to let the business owner or the manager of the business know that there was a problem so that it can be corrected. They were not designed so that you could complain and ask the dumb ass question “what are you going to do for me”? Pay for your shit. Come back if you want. Or don’t come back. For every ass hole that complains I have 100 people who are blissfully happy so go home, suck your husbands cock and balls or play with your dildo or whatever it is that you do when you aren’t trying to ruin my day.

I’m going to address your complaint and make adjustments for the future but I’m not going to stand here and take shit. I’m not going to give you a free service or a discount you low life excuse for a shit bagging moron.

Thank you, come again. Or don’t. I don’t care just stop complaining.

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