What the Fox?

November 20th, 2020

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Worth your time reading this about Fox News. What the Fox?
By: Rick Tessmer (maybe)
November 16, 2020
If you regularly watch Fox News and have been noticing something feels “off” with their election coverage, you’re not wrong. Around a year ago, conservative political wonks turned off Fox News for good. The reason why has to do with events that unfolded in 2019. What did these conservative news junkies see that the rest of us missed? And, why does it matter now?
Event Number One: The Passing of the Torch
Rupert Murdoch was the media titan who built and developed Fox News into America’s conservative news juggernaut. Murdoch had six children. Of the six, his two sons Lachlan and James were in contention to take over Fox News even though both of them had openly repudiated Rupert’s conservative politics. In 2019, Lachlan officially took over the reigns of Fox News. James, the more liberal of the two, opted to invest a large portion of his multi-billion dollar inheritance in liberal media ventures. Once Lachlan took charge, his goal was to move Fox News left. His moves were no surprise to insiders considering his public ties to climate change activism, donating to the Clinton Foundation, and proudly taking responsibility for pushing Bill O’Reilley off the network. It’s worth noting that Fox Business is a separate entity from Fox News, even though both channels are owned by a new, scaled-back Fox Network.
Event Number Two: Fox News Hires the Hater
In March 2019, Fox News made a shocking move by hiring former DNC Committee Chief, Donna Brazile. Brazile was famously fired from the DNC and CNN for leaking debate questions to Hillary Clinton prior to a 2016 Presidential Debate against Donald Trump. Another WTF hire was the failed VP Candidate, Paul Ryan. Ryan was named to the Fox News Board of Directors in March, 2019. The well-known “never Trumper” routinely stonewalled President Trump’s agenda as the Speaker of the House.
Event Number Three: “Shut-Up, Or Else…”Just a month ago, Newt Gingrich’s mic was cut when he had the audacity to utter the name George Soros in an interview on Harris Faulkner’s Fox News show, Overtime Outnumbered. During the interview the conversation moved into a discussion on political funding. Gingrich was presenting indisputable facts about Soros’s well-known financial backing of many extremely left-leaning political organizations. The mic cut surprised both Faulkner and Gingrich which led to a long, awkward, pregnant silence on air. Was Gingrich’s censorship a signal to other conservative voices?
Fast forward to this past week, Judge Jeanine Pirro, the host of Justice W/Jeanine on Fox News since 2011 announced the topic of her weekly show. The topic: Election Fraud. However, she was fired/suspended before her segment aired. Was Pirro’s firing meant to send a message to other popular Fox News hosts?
Just days after Pirro’s firing and Biden’s bogus campaign victory speech, Laura Ingram the host of the Ingram Angle stunned Republicans. On her show, she took it upon herself to offer President Trump advice on how to act graciously upon his pending election concession. It was uncharacteristic of Ingram to take this defeatist position considering she consistently supported President Trump throughout his first term. As a former clerk to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, Ingram knows the law and knows the election is far from officially decided.
Next, Tucker Carlson. With the highest ratings of any cable news show in the days leading up to November 3rd, where is he now that the blatant election fraud is being exposed? Strangely quiet given Carlson’s fierce commitment to our Republic. Then, there’s Hannity. If anyone deserves to be called a Trump fan-boy, it’s Sean Hannity. Even he is noticeably restrained in his election coverage. Hannity knows full-well President Trump won in a landslide on Nov. 3rd, and remains the winner even after the Dem’s election fxxkery. Why isn’t Hannity crying foul? Then there’s Chris Wallace. His performance as a debate moderator drew such harsh criticism from both political sides, his professional reputation may not ever recover.
Here IS what’s going on at Fox NewsWith just 73% of the votes counted in Arizona around midnight on November 3rd, Fox News made a stunning call, falsely awarding the win of the battleground state to Joe Biden. Now that we know the true nature of Fox News, have seen blatant election fraud, and seen a pattern of silence from the top talent on the channel; is it so far-fetched to think Fox News is playing a role in all of this?
There is no question the 2020 election is rampant with fraud and it continues. Proof is mounting, whistleblowers are coming forward, even Supreme Court injunctions have been issued. All of this will be investigated and litigated through the courts. Rudy Giuliani and the rest of the Trump legal team have vowed to fight. And, for good reason. The law is on Trump’s side. Recall this past summer when President Trump repeatedly warned America about mail-in voting and election fraud? Everything that’s happening now was anticipated by the Trump team, well in advance. Nothing so far has been a surprise to The President and his team.
Now that the fraud has been executed, it relies on two key factors to actually succeed. Play number one is “lawfare”. The election fraud is designed to stir up chaos, forcing the election to be decided by the courts, rather than at the ballot box. How the Dems are weaponizing the law to manage the election outcome is called lawfare. The Dems are great at this. Remember Hillary’s numerous provable felonies when she mishandled top secret information on her personal server? The head of the FBI, Comey, called it a “matter” not a “crime”. A crime can be legally prosecuted, a matter cannot. See what they did there? Effective lawfare. Hillary walked.
The second key play is the “information war”. This is where Fox News is playing a key role. Here’s the breakdown: Fox News delivered blatantly fake news by calling AZ a win for Biden. They delivered the lie early. So early in fact, Fox News dominated the news cycle and grabbed control of the election narrative going forward. Fox News is attempting to position President Trump as the loser who is fighting a losing battle against fake election fraud in the courts, because he can’t take the L. Having Fox News deliver this news is part of the plan in order to give the lie credibility. To add extra credence to the hoax, the management at Fox News has succeeded in manipulating their top talent to support the fake narrative. The left is counting on the average Trump supporter to believe the lie since it comes from the trusted, “conservative” Fox News and its top personalities. The rationale goes like this: If Fox News is reporting Trump lost AZ, it must be true. Why would Fox lie about the Republican candidate to their Republican audience?
Do not underestimate the power and effectiveness of the “information war”. It’s meant to demoralize Trump supporters, weak-kneed Republican politicians, law enforcement, the military, foreign leaders etc. The left does not want an energized, organized opposition fighting for America’s election integrity. What we’re seeing now isn’t the Dem’s kill-shot, they’re trying to soften the target. The mainstream media knows it can make any claims about who won the election without consequences, especially since it’s a coordinated attack. They need Trump supporters to give up and concede in order to win.
For the people who want a free and fair election, internalize this: the media doesn’t decide elections. Trump won in a landslide. The Dems cheated to try to win. Every legal vote will be counted so states can legally certify official results. All the criminal participants from local election officials to the head(s) of the fraud operation will be prosecuted. None of this will happen quickly, but it will happen. Trump and his team are in full control of this fight. As he came off his well-deserved round of golf over the weekend, his only quote was, “We’re gonna win. Wait.” The only outstanding question is, are you going to give the opposition what they want? Are you going to get weak, loose hope, and abandon our duly elected President?
Where to go from here?
It’s critical for us all to combat the “information war”. This means staying informed with real, accurate news and sharing it with our friends, families, and neighbors. It’s not easy because social media platforms and the coordinated mainstream media have created an information firewall. However, with a little persistence, sharing with our networks by using word-of-mouth neutralizes the firewall. By texting, emailing, and conversing we are creating our own media network that offers more information that is being hidden from everyone. So, the question becomes where to find real news to share since Fox News has proven to be a turd in a tuxedo.
It’s time to switch to alternative news sources. To make the jump, it takes some temporary “getting used-to”. Be prepared for things like: lower production quality, occasional technical glitches, and watching on other devices — unless you put in a little work to figure out how to connect your phone or internet to your TV. It may take downloading a new app, or visiting a new site. These minor short-term inconveniences are worth it to get real, honest news.
To get started, here are my three 24/7 news channel picks to replace Fox News (linked)
OANN: One America News Network·
24/7 news channel. Scrappy and accurate. OANN is building serious cred with reporters in the official White House Press Pool and former military intelligence. On-air talent can be dry, but they consistently deliver the goods.
General Information: www.oann.com
Watch on Cable or Satellite TV: where to watch guide
Youtube: Archived and livestream
Streaming Services: Apple TV, Roku or Amazon’s Fire TV
OANN Programming Schedule: www.oann.com/schedule
NewsMax TV·
24/7 news. Positioned to be the next conservative media giant. Recently came out strong in support of election integrity by refusing to air Biden’s bogus victory speech. NewsMax checks the facts. Delivers a wide range of programming.
General Information: www.newsmaxtv.com
Watch on Cable and Satellite: DirecTV Ch. 349, Dish Network Ch. 216, Comcast Xfinity Ch. 1115.
Full list of carriers and channels. Note channels differ depending on state and carrier.
State-specific channel guide
Livestream: newsmaxtv.com, Roku, Pluto TV (app on google and Apple app stores) channel 236, XUMO, and DistroTV
Youtube: Livestream and archived
AVN: America’s Voice News·
24/7 news. Strong Programming Lineup. AVN is on the move. Heavy investment in new programs and upping overall production quality. Reliable and accurate. Lots of insider, breaking news embedded in several programs e.g. National Pulse, Bannon’s Warrooom etc. The live-chat feature on the AVN YouTube Channel is worth a try.

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Today’s lesson

November 16th, 2014

I’m a consultant.  You pay me to tell you what the problem is.  When I tell you what the problem is don’t tell me that’s not the problem.  If you knew it wasn’t the problem why’d you fucking ask me?  End of lesson.

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Craigslist buyers………

March 9th, 2014

……..are incredible flakes. I’m a grown assed man. If you changed your mind about buying something just tell me. Not responding tells me just how big a pussy you are. Time wasting mother fucking art project building idiot. Waste of a perfectly good computer if you ask me but it’s your $$ dipshit. Good luck with that art project. Bitch.

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You there…. Fuck off…. when you get there…. fuck off again

March 9th, 2014

Stop spamming my fucking blog. I have a life. I can’t be updating this mother fucker every fucking day. You’re relentless attempts to post useless links on my site are annoying. I never look at them. I mark them all as spam. I don’t even read them. I will never read them. I will never allow them to be posted to my site. So fuck off.

Also, this domain is not for sale. Yea I haven’t updated it since 2012. So what. I’ve been busy. Like I said I have a life. I don’t have time to blog. I work and I have a family. I’m not sitting at home living off the government. I have a day job. And a night job. And jobs in between those jobs. I don’t have time to be fucking around updating this site for your entertainment. Although I’m sure there are a few who will find this very post the most entertaining thing they have read all day.

Here’s a suggestion. Stop trying to come up with the next Facebook in your mom’s garage. And for the love of all that is holy in this world stop emailing me soliciting a sale of my domain. It’s not for fuckin sale. Bitch.

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Definition of ‘awesome’

June 8th, 2012

When someone spills something in my house and makes a half assed attempt to clean it up then does not advise me of such, so that I can clean it up properly.

Used in a sentence:

“that beer you spilled on my floor that sprayed up on my $7000 leather sofa and stained it, then did a shitty job of wiping it up with (of all fucking things) dry bounty paper towels (which basically shellacked it into the fabric and smelled like a strip club after a night of heavy partying) was FUCKING awesome

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The Interwebs

June 7th, 2012

Hey Al, fuck yourself in the neck with a switchblade.

Who invented the internet?

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HOA (Harassing Offensive Assholes) AKA Home Owners Association

June 7th, 2012

So my dick head neighbor is “president” of the HOA which doesn’t say a whole helluva lot about the subdivision we live in. He could be president of the ant hill at the park for all anyone else knows. Anyhow, his sole purpose for holding the “office of presidency” for the HOA is so he can live a fucked up repugnant lifestyle. His yard is overgrowing the alley by at least a foot. He rarely mows his grass and I guess can’t afford a lawn service. So, recently he rode around with the “HOA Police” (we will call them) and looked at houses and noted “violations”. He said he didn’t want to nickel and dime people on little violations and wanted to tackle the more obvious and annoying violations such as the 3 FUCKING FENCE PICKETS ON MY FENCE THAT HAVE NOT BEEN STAINED TO MATCH.

Fucking really?! Listen here you fucking maggot farming douche canoe. No one thinks you are anybody and I certainly don’t give two fucking gerbil shits that you are the “president” of this ridiculous HOA. Mow your fucking yard you ass wipe and stop worrying about my fence. And by the way why don’t you tell your direct neighbor to re-hang that gate that has been missing since LAST FUCKING YEAR. And repair that fence that has been broken SINCE BEFORE HE BOUGHT THE FUCKING HOUSE, and replace the FUCKING FENCE THAT HAS BEEN MISSING FOR 4 MONTHS and get that door that has been laying in the back yard since last week.

I told you fuck knuckles I am replacing both my fence and my roof as soon as it stops raining for 30 minutes.

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If I wanted America to fail

May 22nd, 2012

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May 21st, 2012

Filth flarl motha fucka dick pussy snot and shit, thank you, good night, suck my dick, bye bye

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Who needs Facebook

May 19th, 2012

When you have your own blog and all you want to do is post your comments without having to hear everyone else’s bullshit.

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